Sue Brady

“Unimaginable ideas brought to life.” “Unflappable under stress and committed to the client’s goals as if they were her own.” These are some of the phrases used by Sue’s client’s to describe her approach to producing.

As Founder and President of BadAss Media & Meetings, bringing 20 years of experience across live events, network television and video production, Sue brings both the finite eye for the smallest detail and the 50,000 foot view to give the audiences more than just a show, Sue crafts experiences.

From the sidelines of Monday Night Football and Procter and Gamble’s master control to the most intimate of dinners and private performances for some of today’s top CEOs, Sue has produced for domestic and international audiences into the hundreds of thousands.  An international award-winning producer, the list of credits is long, but Sue is always up for a new challenge and thrilled to keep learning from her clients.

Sue also gives back through her board work with the WISE Cleveland Chapter and the ILEA Programming Committee. She and her husband, Shane, have three furry children – Chance, Yogi and Ernie.

Sue Brady
Director of Production
Twitter: @Badass_mtgs