Local Organizing Committee

Executive Leadership Group

Vern Buchanan – Honorary Event Chair
Ed Chiles – Event Co-Chair
Rod Hershberger – Event Co-Chair



Name                                                Local Affiliation                                                                                        Task Force

Bob Whitford                              Nathan Benderson Park                                                                       Competition

Mike Taaffe                                  Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP                                                  Competition

Dan Schlandt                              Manatee County Government                                                        Finance

Mark Cunningham                   Sarasota County Government                                                       Finance

Donn Patchen                            Marketing, Advertising, Broadcast and Media                     Marketing

Elliott Falcione                           Bradenton Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau            Marketing

Richard Collins                           Sarasota County Emergency Services                                     Operations

Ron Schulhofer                         Manatee County Public Works                                                        Operations

Carolyn Brown                           Sarasota County Parks and Recreation                                    Programming

Charlie Hunsicker                    Mantee County Parks and Natural Resources                      Programming

Jay Riley                                         USF Sarasota-Manatee                                                                        Special Events

Sable Santana                            Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau             Special Events

Robert Sullivan                          Nathan Benderson Park                                                                       Venue

Sean Walter                                 Accommodations and Catering                                                     Visitor Experience

Virginia Haley                              Visit Sarasota County                                                                           Visitor Experience