Luxury Suites

Become a luxury suiteholder on Championship Row. Entertain business partners or current & prospective clients. Reward associates or organizations supported by the company’s charitable giving initiatives. Invite family & friends to support your rower.

                                GOLD-LEVEL SUITES                            SILVER-LEVEL SUITES
                                          $20,000                                               $15,000

  • Suites accommodate 40 persons per day (total of 320 tickets across all 8 competition days)
  • Air-conditioned and fully furnished
  • Customizable interior space with corporate branding and displays allowed
  • Full bar and custom catering options by Michael’s on East available at additional cost
  • Twenty (20) daily parking passes included: additional passes available upon request
  • Suites can be shared or sub-leased, but such arrangements must be managed by suiteholder

Sponsor & Suite Sales
Tel.: 941-315-1351