Nathan Benderson Park (NBP)

Sarasota-Bradenton, FL

Contact: Sarah Kupiec | (941) 358-7275 |


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DSC_0132FISA Class A 2,000 meter sprint rowing course
10-lane protected, buoyed course
Wave attenuator
New aluminum gangway with low profile floating docks
400-acre lake
Coaches lane the entire length of the course




Hillsborough River

Tampa Bay, FL (53 miles from NBP)

Contact: Jason Aughey | (813) 218-3813 |


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RoHillsborough River Tampawing equipment  and launches for rent
Storage for up to 30 shells
Brackish waters
21,000 meter course length
7 lanes
2,000 meter lane length
500 meters in lane width



Clermont Boathouse – Lake Minneola

Clermont, FL (114 miles from NBP)

Contact: Paul McPherson | (352) 552-1103 |


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Fresh water lake, clean of debris
8,300 meter circumference
2,000 m length available at various sections of lake
Able to drop buoy lines as required
5,000 sq. ft. boathouse. Storage available. Secure fenced area outside also available.
2 – 120’ floating docks for easy launch & recovery



Lake Weir at Carney Island Park

Ocala, FL (144 miles from NBP)

Contact: Jim Couillard | (352) 671-8559 |


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Park includes 2 availablLake Weire lakes
o   Big Lake Weir – 3.5+ miles end to end
o   Little Lake Weir – 1 mile end to end
Boat storage available securely within gated facility
There are no existing rowing buoys
Boat ramp is available on Big Lake Weir ONLY
Little Lake Weir is hand launch ONLY



Indian River  

Vero Beach, FL (158 miles from NBP)

Jeff Biddle | (772) 257-8557 |


Site Maps:

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Indian River Lagoon-crop2 different training areas
Easy water access with convenient launches
Spans 156 miles along Florida’s east coast
3 acres of waterfronts
Storage opportunities
2,000 meter race course length available




Lake Talquin 

Tallahassee, FL (342 miles from NBP)

Dean Minardi | (850) 294-1255 |


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Calm water with minimaLake Talquin 1l motor traffic
2 easy access boat ramps
12,000 acre lake
3 acres of waterfronts
Multiple dedicated launch and retrieval docks
2,000 meter race course length available
8,000 meters in a straight line for distance rowing